Wireless charger, also known as inductive charging, non-contact inductive charging. It is a device that uses near-field induction to transfer energy from a power supply device (charger) to a power supply. The device uses the received energy to charge the battery. Due to this technology, don`t need the wired charging. Both the charger and the powered device can connect wireless. That’s more convenient than wired charging.

Wireless charger `s advantage

Safety: No power contact design can avoid the risk of electric shock.

Durable: The power transmission element is not exposed, so it will not be eroded by moisture, oxygen, etc. in the air.

It is safer to make the medical implant device: In implanting an embedded medical device, the device can wireless charging without a surgical operation. Avoid the risk of infection.

Convenient: No need to connect wires when charging, just put it near the charger. Technically, a charger can feed multiple electrical devices.

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