Power bank means that you can charge mobile devices directly. The device has its own power storage unit. The current market is the main category of multi-functional charging treasure. All have standard USB output. It can meet the common mobile devices in the current market. For example, mobile phones, MP3, MP4, PDA, PSP, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras and other digital products.

The power bank is actually a large-capacity portable power source that is convenient and portable. It is a portable device that combines storage, boost, and charge management.
Power bank’s own charging plug directly through the AC power supply can charge the mobile device and has its own electrical storage device, which is equivalent to a hybrid of a charger and a backup battery, which can simplify the device of a charging plug compared to the standby power supply. Compared to the charger, it has its own power storage device, which can provide backup power for digital products when there is no direct power supply or when it is out.

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