There are two types of projectors: DLP projector and LCD projector.

DLP projector

Used the DLP technology. DLP means “ Digital Light Procession ”, it is an original, using an optical semiconductor to produce digital multi-light source display solutions. It is a highly reliable, all-digital display technology that provides the best image quality in a variety of products, such as large-screen digital televisions, corporate/ home/ professional conference projectors, and digital cameras ( DLP Cinema ). DLP technology has been widely used to meet the needs of various pursuit visual. Image excellent quality. It is also a multi-functional display technology on the market. It is the only display technology that can simultaneously support the world’s smallest projector ( less than 2-lbs ) and the largest movie screen ( up to 75 feet ). This technology enables images to achieve a high degree of fidelity, giving clear, bright, vivid colors.

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